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Martin de Kock
Owner & founder of MDK africa

Photography is light - the way light falls on a subject, capturing that light in an unique way is what we strive for. For the last decade, Martin (owner & founder of MDK africa) has shot major news stories and cover shoots for a SouthAfrican magazine with the highest circulation figure. Photojournalism is raw, unscripted, intimate and honest human emotions that makes you appreciate life. Visual content creation is his passion - to tell stories through photographs and film is what his heart beats for. His passion and hardwork ensures that his clients only get the highest quality of work, always!


Marketing a business takes more than a few nice designs. Marketing takes telling and sharing your authentic brand story. We at MDK Africa can help building a comprehensive brand story through photography and in-depth creative videography. Creating youtube and social media mini-series to help your business engage with your customers. Through inter-personal consultant sessions, MDK BusinessBuilder™ will create a bespoke marketing solution for businesses of any size.


We are all about stories. Telling stories, sharing stories exploring stories. This beautiful country of ours is full of stories and we would love to hear your beautiful, unique and inspiring story. If we like it – we might even make a little trip to come hear and share your authentic story with the world through visual storytelling mediums. Please send any stories to

MDK aspire™

MDK aspire™ is a crafted program where we give young aspiring content creators the opportunity to get hands-on training by doing real-life photo and video shoots for real clients. There is no better way to learn then to be thrown into the deep end. Don’t worry, we will be here to help and guide you all they way. Please note - limited space available, email us at for more info.

MDK Weddings

We aim to capture the essence of a wedding with a documentary style that really stands out, and that captivates you every time you look back at your special day. We stay on top of current trends but also make sure that our style is timeless and elegant. Our aim is to have a feel good relationship with the wedding party and to make sure we know exactly what you want.  To capture those moments you never get to see, the laughter and the tears, the emotions evoked we will capture in a unique, creative and documentary style so that your day will always be special in your history books. With over 13 years in the photography/film industry and shooting SA's biggest celebrity weddings we have ample experience and know exactly what to do when something doesn't go to plan. Sit back enjoy your day and let MDKafrica capture your wedding without any effort and to ensure that you get the very best of your most special day.

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Companies, Entrepreneurs, and business of any size needs creative content. Content that showcase what your business is doing, services you offer, products you sell and people that plays a role in your business venture. From product shots to creative marketing material – we offer it all.


Documentary is a broad term to describe a non-fiction movie that in some way "documents" or captures reality. We use documentary film and photography to reveal an unusual, interesting or unknown angle. Telling authentic stories about people, places and this beautiful country we call home.


For the last decade, Martin (owner & founder of MDKafrica) has done all genres of photography and multimedia including the country biggest news story and weekly cover shoots for sa’s leading magazine. From product shots, advertorials to front covers - we have done it all.


Music is a melody that stirs a number of emotions and feelings in you when listening to it, and Martin always aspire to capture that essence with his still photographs. From live music concerts in massive outdoor venues, an artists on a small intimate stage, to album cover and press releases - Martin's passion for the music industry is evident in his work and he loves getting up close and personal with his subject matter.


Beautiful portraiture photography is the art of capturing the personality of the subject by using effective lighting, backdrops, and poses. Portraits is our passion and we push the envelope to capture our subjects on the most creative and unique way possible.


Over the years television has evolved – from a small black and white tv in the living room to a life size, high definition curved tv that can search the internet and connect to mobile devices. Martin's work involve all spheres of the television industry, from shooting and editing to photographic stills for marketing and advertising purposes.

Time Lapses

Time lapse photography is, simply put, a photo manipulation of time to capture – objects or events that would normally take minutes, day or hours to complete and viewing in a single static shot or a short motion video. A flower blooming, a sunset, star-trails or a moonrise – beautifully captured with a time lapse shot.


Martin shoots real moments, honest moments and believes in capturing authentic moments as they happen. He strives to capture photographs that has the power to re-enforce, trigger or sometimes replace memories. Martin is one of the best and is available to shoot weddings of any size – not only in South Africa, but also internationally.


content creation company
in Johannesburg

Where we explore the deeper side of life.

content creation company
in Johannesburg

To grow a real, positive and honest way of communication.

content creation company
in Johannesburg

Where natures beauty has a place.

content creation company
in Johannesburg

Pushing the boundaries for creative way of thinking.


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